Congratulations to Harry Salm of Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools on his election as ACSTA President, as well as Kelly Whalen of Holy Family School Division on his election as ACSTA Vice-President!

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Harry has been a Catholic school board trustee for 14 years as well as an involved parishioner at Sacred Heart in Strathmore for more than 30 years. He and his wife have 3 adult children; all three graduated from CTR Catholic's Holy Cross Collegiate and two are now Catholic school teachers! Harry is a Red Seal Carpenter and holds a business diploma as well as provincial certification as a Safety Codes Officer.  Harry shared some important words with the membership at our recent AGM which we are confident will guide his leadership over the next two years.

"When we cooperate, we are a formidable force. The ACSTA is at its best when it activates the supports available to celebrate, preserve, promote and enhance Catholic Education. The ACSTA has done so in the past by seeking the faith leadership of our Bishops, tapping into the operational expertise of our superintendents, and advancing advocacy and engagement through local GrACE initiatives."

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Kelly has been a Catholic trustee for a total of 16 years; 11 with Holy Family as well as a prior 5 year term with St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Schools. He currently resides in Peace River where he serves as the chair of his local board.  He has an extensive career as a business manager and entrepreneur. Kelly and his wife have 6 children and 3 beautiful grandchildren -- one of which arrived last week!

Speaking with the Association's membership at our AGM, Kelly said: 

"I think, as a fresh voice, I can help this organization by listening with patience and empathy, and to help unite our membership, and this I will put as my first task. I look forward to working with each and every board, and may God bless you all." 

President Salm and Vice President Whalen, we look forward to working with you over the next two years!