easter 2020Envision the emotions of joy and fear as Mary Magdalene and Mary, first witness the empty tomb.  Jesus, understanding their fright, appears and reassures them with the words, “do not be afraid.”  These words appear 365 times in the Bible and are a constant daily reminder from God to live every day fearless and rooted in hope.  Who could have imagined the importance of these words, as we navigate our present day-to-day anxiety and fear in light of COVID-19. 

Just as Mary Magdalene and Mary were summoned to give witness to the joy of the resurrection, amid great suffering and despair, we too are called to go forth and proclaim the Gospel of the Lord. In a sense, we are reenacting what happened at the empty tomb on Easter Sunder, over 2000 years ago. 

We are navigating uncharted waters, with much turbulence and fear surrounding us.  However, the reassurance that God will be with us provides us with courage and hope.  As the Paschal Candle is lit on Holy Saturday, we are reminded of our Baptismal promise. Each of us is entrusted to bring Christ’s light to our lives, our challenges, and our fears.  As Easter people, this light shines our path in the darkness and reminds us that God is with us.

Catholic schools celebrate and share daily the light of Christ. Our schools are Easter communities of new and eternal life! It is where the risen Christ illuminates the hearts and minds of our Catholic students, teachers, and all those who have committed to providing a Catholic education. During these times of great joy and immense fear, may we all walk away from the empty tomb with the words, “Do not be afraid “ whispering gently in our heart. 

On behalf of ACSTA, we wish each of you a most blessed Easter. May the joy of the risen Christ fill your homes with everlasting peace and hope. 


Serena Shaw, President