Monday, May 21, 2018

Pope Francis, in March, announced the decision to add the feast of Mary, Mother of the Church on the Monday after Pentecost (May 21, 2018). The Pope hopes this feast day will, “encourage the growth of the maternal sense of the church in the pastors, religious and faithful, as well as a genuine Marian piety.” Father Paul Kavanagh, director of the Office of Divine Worship for the Archdiocese of Edmonton, reaffirmed by sharing the following statement, “it’s great that this feast day has been added. I think Pope Francis recognizes the importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her association with the Apostles and Christ, and the feast of Pentecost.” Let us be reminded, on this very important Feast Day, how Mary intercedes for the Church, as a mother does for her children. Just as Mary did at the time of the original Pentecost, praying in the upper room for her beloved Son, let us join in prayer and unity understanding our own discipleship, loyalty, and commitment to the Church.

mother of the church