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Winter 2019

Religious Freedom - How far does it extend?

Summer 2019

The Education Act:  What's Old Will Be New Again

Summer 2018
Bill 24: Student Rights vs Parental Rights
Winter 2017
Government funding of non-Catholics in Catholic schools held Unconstitutional by the Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench
Summer 2017
The Catholicity Clause - The Importance Remains
Winter 2016
Balance, Section 1 of the Charter, and Catholic Education Rights
Fall 2015
The Guarantee of Catholic Education
The Doctrines of Hollow Rights and Permeation
Spring 2015
Loyola High School and Religious Collective Rights in a Secular State
Fall 2014
“God Keep Our Land . . .”: Canadian Religious Pluralism and the Law
Spring 2014
Reasonable Limits in a Free and Democratic Society
Fall 2013
Freedom of Conscience and Religion
Spring 2013
Act 3, Scene 4
Fall 2012
In This Corner... Human Rights Legislation and Catholic Education
Spring 2012
Bills, Thrills, and Chills
Fall 2011
Spring 2011
Catholic and Public - Not An Oxymoron
Fall 2010
ABC, 123, Existence AND Equity: Back to Basics
Spring 2010
Ask not what your country can do for you
What can you do for your Catholic schools?
Fall 2009
Knock, Knock... Opening up the School Act
Proposed changes to the School Act
Spring 2009
Here comes da Judge
Legal successes in Alberta's Catholic schools
Fall 2008
Catholic Education: Hip to be square
Legal exploration of the distinctness of Catholic schools
Spring 2008
The Santa Claus(e)
"Catholicity clause" in teacher contracts for Catholic school teachers
Fall 2007
Repay to Caesar
Catholic school rights and responsibilities in regards to Canon Law and civil law
Spring 2007
Behind every successful right
History behind the constitutional right of Catholic schools in Alberta Act, 1905.
Fall 2006
One of these things is not like the others
Differences between Catholic school rights in each province in Canada
Spring 2006
No representation without taxation
Education tax assessment base
Fall 2005
Catholic school rights "North of 60"
Rights of Catholic schools in the Northwest Territories.
Spring 2005
Long before Alberta was even a province
Constitutional establishment of Catholic schools in Alberta.
Fall 2004
Teachers of faith – An expectation and a right
Role of the Catholic school teacher, constitutional expectations
Spring 2004
Public meetings, public questions, public answers
Extending Catholic school districts through the expansion: pertinent questions.
Fall 2003
Catholic impact in Commission report
Alberta’s Commission on Learning’s 1993 report: Alberta's first in-depth examination of its education system in more than thirty years.
Spring 2003
Reconstitutionalizing the St. Paul Mosaic
An exploration of the history and contemporary issues facing Catholic schools in St. Paul, AB.
Fall 2002
Responding to expansion requests
Extending Catholic school districts through the expansion.
Fall 2001
Bill 16 contains a potpourri of risks and benefits for Catholic Education
Tax assessment (Bill 16) in Alberta and how it affects Catholic schools.
Spring 2001
What Makes a Catholic School Catholic?
What makes Catholic schools distinct?
Fall 2000
Can One Enjoy Both Francophone and Catholic Constitutional Rights?
An exploration of Francophone and Catholic constitutional rights.
Spring 2000
What is the connection between Quebec Secession and Catholic school rights in Alberta?
The constitutional rights for Catholic education in Alberta.
Fall 1999
Catholic school 4x4s died in 1913, why do they remain an administrative requirement?
A discussion of the 4x4 method of forming Catholic school districts.