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Winter 2020 - Court of Appeal Upholds Protection for Non-Catholic Students to Attend Catholic Separate Schools; Supreme Court of Canada May Hear Appeal in 2021

Winter 2019 - Religious Freedom - How far does it extend?

Summer 2019 - The Education Act:  What's Old Will Be New Again

Summer 2018 - Bill 24: Student Rights vs Parental Rights

Winter 2017 - Government funding of non-Catholics in Catholic schools held Unconstitutional by the Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench

Summer 2017 - The Catholicity Clause - The Importance Remains

Winter 2016 - Balance, Section 1 of the Charter, and Catholic Education Rights

Fall 2015 - The Guarantee of Catholic Education -The Doctrines of Hollow Rights and Permeation

Spring 2015 - Loyola High School and Religious Collective Rights in a Secular State

Fall 2014 - “God Keep Our Land . . .”: Canadian Religious Pluralism and the Law

Spring 2014 - Reasonable Limits in a Free and Democratic Society

Fall 2013 -Freedom of Conscience and Religion

Spring 2013 - Act 3, Scene 4

Fall 2012 - In This Corner... Human Rights Legislation and Catholic Education

Spring 2012 - Bills, Thrills, and Chills

Fall 2011 - IN MEDIAS RES

Spring 2011 - Catholic and Public - Not An Oxymoron

Fall 2010 - ABC, 123, Existence AND Equity: Back to Basics

Spring 2010 - Ask not what your country can do for you - What can you do for your Catholic schools?

Fall 2009 - Knock, Knock... Opening up the School Act - Proposed changes to the School Act

Spring 2009 - Here comes da Judge - Legal successes in Alberta's Catholic schools

Fall 2008 - Catholic Education: Hip to be square - Legal exploration of the distinctness of Catholic schools

Spring 2008 - The Santa Claus(e) - "Catholicity clause" in teacher contracts for Catholic school teachers

Fall 2007 - Repay to Caesar - Catholic school rights and responsibilities in regards to Canon Law and civil law

Spring 2007 - Behind every successful right - History behind the constitutional right of Catholic schools in Alberta Act, 1905. 

Fall 2006 - One of these things is not like the others - Differences between Catholic school rights in each province in Canada

Spring 2006 - No representation without taxation - Education tax assessment base 

Fall 2005 - Catholic school rights "North of 60" - Rights of Catholic schools in the Northwest Territories.

Spring 2005 - Long before Alberta was even a province - Constitutional establishment of Catholic schools in Alberta.

Fall 2004 - Teachers of faith – An expectation and a rightRole of the Catholic school teacher, constitutional expectations

Spring 2004 - Public meetings, public questions, public answers - Extending Catholic school districts through the expansion: pertinent questions.

Fall 2003 - Catholic impact in Commission report -Alberta’s Commission on Learning’s 1993 report: Alberta's first in-depth examination of its education system in more than thirty years.

Spring 2003 - Reconstitutionalizing the St. Paul MosaicAn exploration of the history and contemporary issues facing Catholic schools in St. Paul, AB.

Fall 2002 - Responding to expansion requestsExtending Catholic school districts through the expansion.

Fall 2001 - Bill 16 contains a potpourri of risks and benefits for Catholic EducationTax assessment (Bill 16) in Alberta and how it affects Catholic schools.

Spring 2001 - What Makes a Catholic School Catholic? - What makes Catholic schools distinct?

Fall 2000 - Can One Enjoy Both Francophone and Catholic Constitutional Rights? - An exploration of Francophone and Catholic constitutional rights.

Spring 2000 - What is the connection between Quebec Secession and Catholic school rights in Alberta? - The constitutional rights for Catholic education in Alberta.

Fall 1999 - Catholic school 4x4s died in 1913, why do they remain an administrative requirement? - A discussion of the 4x4 method of forming Catholic school districts.